Going on holiday is a happy occasion that your whole family will look forward to through the year. Prevent your return home being sour one with these steps that will help keep your home as the safe haven you know it as when returning from holiday.

  1. Check your household insurance policy

Always check your policy when going on holiday, especially for longer periods of time. Some insurances will not return a claim if the home is vacant for more than a certain number of days. It is also useful to check your policy has contents cover, covering an adequate amount for your personal possessions.

  1. Don’t leave your home looking unoccupied

It is often very obvious that your home is vacant. Measures such as holding your mail, cancelling paper delivering and having your lights on timers around your home makes it difficult to tell whether the home is actually vacant. Why not get some help from your neighbours? Ask them to park one of their cars in your drive or draw the curtains every few days.

  1. Be careful who you tell your on holiday

Whilst it is nice to share stories of upcoming summer holidays, you never know where that information could end up. Do not tell unnecessary contacts when you are away and that your house will be unoccupied. Another tip is to not leave an answering machine message saying you are on holiday, you never know who could phone your home and find this information.

  1. Avoid tell-all social media posts

It is often very tempting to post stories of your holiday, pictures by the beach or check-ins at the airport, but often we do not know exactly who this information is available to. Save the pictures until your return home, and turn your location settings off.

  1. Lock up important documents

If you’re not home, and the burglar has worked this out, they will have more time to go through your belongings. You must make sure that vital documents such as deeds to your home, expensive jewellery or sensitive documents are safely stored.