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    We can help

    At The Right Claim we work exclusively with you to present your case to your Insurance Company. If your claim has been turned down, or you are frustrated at how your claim is being managed or progressing, we are here to help.

    As experienced loss assessors, we have represented hundreds of businesses, on many complex cases, to ensure a fair and reasonable settlement is reached. As a business, we know the importance of getting your business back up and running after the event. Having the right advice and support is a critical to achieving that, as is the management of your claim.

    Without careful and skilled management of your claim, it can become complicated and can significantly slow down the process. We can manage all aspects of your claim, leaving you to focus on your business.

    How we can help

    We will liaise with your insurance company and all other involved parties on your behalf.

    This includes brokers, surveyors, contractors, solicitors, loss adjusters and builders. We can manage every aspect of your claim, from putting in the initial claim, right through to completion.

    We can also help and advise you if your claim is in progress or has been rejected.

    We can:

    • Represent you to your insurance company and attend meetings with the loss adjuster
    • Draft and finalise a claim on your behalf with the benefit of our years of experience
    • Negotiate with the loss adjuster and insurance company to make sure the value you receive is fair
    • Negotiate the type of settlement you want
    • Handle complicated cases which require experience and knowledge

    Our mission is to represent you and get you a fair and reasonable settlement.

    Business Interruption

    If you run a business you will appreciate the value of your insurance policy, even if you resent paying the premium! It gives you the peace of mind and certainty that you can continue in business even when the unexpected happens. You should have cover in place to replace your stock, equipment and other fixtures, all of which are critical for the smooth operation of your business.

    However, as business owners & decisions makers, we know that the intent of any business is to make money through the profits generated. The business interruption policy provides cover for these losses. Unlike a claim for stock & possessions however, the losses are not so readily identified. Furthermore, your insurance policy isn’t designed to protect you for issues of cash flow. Cash flow alone is frequently leveraged by insurers and their representatives to pressure you into a speedy and frequently, inadequate claim.

    Your claim will be impacted by many external factors, and as an assessor, we will help navigate you through this. With our expertise in this type of claim we can:

    • Agree on the right strategy with you to minimise the impact on your business.
    • Agree with insurers the additional expenditure you will necessarily incur to reduce the period of interruption, including new marketing.
    • Design a strategy to maximise the available cash reflecting prevailing market conditions.

    If there was one area where we can add value and experience to you and your business, it is the business interruption claim. How these decisions are made when dealing with the material losses can either positively support or impact the ongoing viability of your business.

    Our services

    We can manage your claim from beginning to end. No matter where you are in the claim process, we can help. If your claim is rejected or you are simply unhappy with how it is being managed, we can take over and deal with it on your behalf.
    • We can manage insurance policies that involve more than one party
    • We can manage several types of liability insurance including operations, products, and operations liability
    • We can advise and manage your business interruption claim
    • We will organise independent experts, for example building surveyors, to assess the full extent of the structural damage
    • We will identify all that you should be claiming for then documenting and quantifying it, to ensure you get the right settlement
    • We give you control over the refurbishment work where required, as well as the style and standard of fixtures and fittings, and look at any alterations you may like to incorporate while the building works are being carried out.


    Our fee structure is transparent and straight forward.

    We are only paid when we achieve a result. Therefore there is no upfront risk or cost to you. We always seek the full settlement for you as quickly as possible.