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  • Frustrated at how your claim is being managed?
  • Claim progressing too slowly?
  • Unhappy with your settlement offer?

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    We can help

    At The Right Claim we work exclusively for and with you to present your case to your Insurance Company. If your claim has been turned down or you are frustrated at how your claim is being managed or progressing, we are here to help.

    As experienced loss assessors, we have represented thousands of householders on many complex insurance cases, to ensure a fair and reasonable settlement is reached. If your claim has been turned down, you are unhappy about how it has been managed or the settlement you have been offered, we can help.

    Without careful and skilled management of your claim, it can become complicated and significantly slow down the process. We can manage all aspects of your claim, leaving you to focus your family and future.

    How we can help

    We will liaise with your insurance company and all parties on your behalf. This includes brokers, surveyors, contractors, solicitors and loss adjusters.

    This means that we can assist with every aspect of your claim, from putting in the initial claim, right through to completion.

    We can also help and advise you if your claim is in progress or has been rejected.

    We can:

    • Represent you to your insurance company and attend meetings with the loss adjuster
    • Draft and finalise a claim on your behalf with the benefit of our years of experience
    • Negotiate with the loss adjuster and insurance company to make sure the value you receive is fair
    • Negotiate the type of settlement you want
    • Handle complicated cases which require experience and knowledge

    Our mission is to represent you and get you a fair and reasonable settlement.

    Our services

    We can manage your claim from beginning to end. No matter where you are in the claim process, we can help. If your claim is rejected or you are simply unhappy with how it is being managed, we can take over and deal with it on your behalf.
    We can help with:

    • Sourcing appropriate temporary accommodation where necessary
    • Arrange emergency funding where required
    • Organise independent experts, for example building surveyors, to assess the full extent of the structural damage
    • We will work with you to identify all that you should be claiming for, document it and quantify it to ensure you get a fair settlement
    • Give you control over the refurbishment work, as well as the style and standard of fixtures and fittings, and look at any alterations you may like to incorporate while the building works are being carried out.


    Our fee structure is transparent and straight forward.

    We are only paid when we achieve a result. Therefore there is no upfront risk or cost to you. We always seek the full settlement for you as quickly as possible.