Although burglary often encompasses a degree of random selection, there is often a degree of opportunity recognised by the perpetrator.


85% of police officials believe that alarms deter burglars

Fitting security around your home such as an alarm and cameras will act as a deterrent to a burglar who will deem your house as high risk. Although these measures are often expensive, and security lighting on the exterior of your home are often a deterrent for burglars.


Most burglars gain entry through the front door

The Metropolitan Police state that all front doors should be timber, with a 5-lever mortice look and a deadlocking rim lock also. The back door should be fitted with dual locks, these will often be the first places that a burglar will check for access.


64% of householders admit to not locking their windows / The window of opportunity

Often windows are left a-jar or unlocked when premises are vacated.  A lot of the time this may be unintentional, however you must ensure that, particularly ground floor windows or windows above flat roofs are not able to be prized open.


Shed and Outhouses

Sheds and outhouses are often left in a more vulnerable state than the home and often located in a  secluded area. This means that burglars can take the contents of your shed. It may be wise to consider an extra layer of protection, perhaps chaining your bikes up inside your shed for example.


Check out this virtual house tour from The Metropolitan Police, helping you keep your home and property secure!