A standard home insurance policy will include… A good home insurance policy will give you…
Cover for valuable items such as jewellery, cameras, TVs, computers, antiques etc £12,000 or more in cover
Usually, there’s an overall limit on the amount your insurance company will pay for ‘high-risk items’. These are usually items such as jewellery, pieces of art, watches and laptops.
Money in your home – this will cover any cash that you keep at home against theft or damage. £500 or more
Credit cards are not covered – cover for these is separate.
Food in your freezer – if your fridge or freezer breaks down and the contents are ruined, your home insurance covers you for the cost of replacing the contents. £300 or more
However, you won’t be covered if the damage was done deliberately.
Contents in the open – your insurance cover will include loss or damage to contents left outside but within the boundaries of your home such as garden furniture and ornaments. £500 or more
Plants and bushes aren’t included.

A standard insurance policy should cover you for contents kept in a garage or outbuilding.

£2,000 or more
It’s important to note that you won’t be covered if your home has been unoccupied for a stated amount of time.