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The key to getting the most from your insurance claim is to take responsibility and control of it. All too often we choose the cheapest option, forget to give all the information required by the insurer or don’t read the small print. While finding, choosing and managing any form of insurance can be a hassle and a chore, investing the time to ensure you get the right one for your home and needs can save you a huge amount of money, time and stress.

Here’s our top five tips to ensuring you get the most from your claim:-

Step 1 – 5

  1. Make your claim as quickly as possible. Any unexplainable delay can be very damaging to the outcome of your claim
  2. Don’t be tempted to tell fibs or white lies, even small ones, as if you get caught out it means the whole claim will be rejected
  3. Keep receipts, collect evidence, take photographs – it can all help when you make a claim
  4. Read the small print to check that you are covered for everything you think you are
  5. Keep in touch – don’t make a claim and then leave it. Phone your insurer to keep up to date with its progress, ask for a timeline and keep a record of the date when you called and who you spoke to.