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Over the past three years that has been an increasing tension between customers and insurance customers. As customers when you pay for insurance you do so in the belief that should you need to make a claim it will cover you otherwise what are you paying for?

The reality is that with more of us choosing and buying our insurance online many of us don’t really know if our home insurance policy is the right one for our home and situation. Add to that the insurance companies who are trying minimise your claim and what they have to pay you.

Here’s our quick and simple guide to choosing the right insurance for your home.

  • Don’t just pick the cheapest home insurance policy. Make sure you know exactly what it covers you for
  • Be clear about what it is you need from your insurance and the potential risks to your home
  • Don’t underestimate how much your property is worth as you’ll pay the penalties later
  • Itemise property that is over a specific amount of money including jewellery and antiques
  • Disclose everything your insurer asks you. If you don’t disclose the facts it can invalidate your claim
  • Insurance policies can use very confusing language so if you’re not sure ask them for further details
  • Tell the truth! Remember your insurance company is trying to find ways to minimise or invalidate your claim and I forgot isn’t an answer they’ll accept.