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Are you giving away vital information about your family’s routine and how burglars could take advantage of your empty home? Perhaps a post from work in the mornings? A picture from your son’s football every Wednesday night? Or snaps on the beach whilst enjoying your foreign holiday?

The information you post online could be helping burglars steal from you. Whilst we often want to brag to our friends and family, next time take a second to think, Is it really worth it?

Top Tip: 1

By sharing your location, you have now given access to your name and your town, which can then be searched for on the 192 electoral roll online. This will bring up information including your exact address, marital status and other occupants at the address.

Follow this handy blog on how to disable your location: https://www.grahamcluley.com/2016/04/location-facebook-twitter/

Top Tip 2:

Posting pictures whilst you’re on holiday is a great way to interact with friends and family, let them know where you are and share your experiences. However, you must consider who else can see these posts. Posting holiday pictures and information is a sure way to gain unwanted attention on your vacant property.

Save pictures and posts about your holiday for when you return home.

Top Tip 3:

Did you just get fancy new surround sound? The latest computer? Or perhaps a flash new convertible? The first thing you will want to do it probably post it online and share it with your friends.

Do not post about fancy new purchases that will attract burglars to the fact that your home would be a worthwhile target for them.