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A fifth of homes insurance claims are rejected while in contrast 99% of motor insurance claims are successful. Here are the five most common reasons why claims are rejected.

  1. Tell the truth!

Your insurer believes you’ve failed to tell them all the relevant information they needed. In most cases the customer wasn’t aware of what information was required or thought it was irrelevant.


  1. Take care of it

Your insurer doesn’t believe you took enough care to prevent or protect your home or insured belongings. The most common of these include a poorly maintained roof, an un-serviced boiler, burst pipes that haven’t been lagged or over grown trees that cause damage to your homes foundations.


  1. How much is your home really worth?

You underestimate how much your home and contents are worth. Take the time to honestly assess your home and contents. Be realistic about the true cost and value of them before you buy your home insurance. If your home was burnt down how much would it cost to rebuild and replace everything?


  1. Don’t just opt for the cheapest insurance. Get the right cover for your home.

You didn’t buy enough cover. For example, if your property was stripped of its contents by thieves while you’re away on holiday, and the maximum you can claim is less than the total value of what’s been stolen, you’ll be out of pocket.