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Location: Gowdall, Goole

Date: 2000

The background

In 2000 in Gowdall, Goole there was severe flooding in the area damaging a number of properties. A homeowner in the area contacted us after their home was flooded from the ground floor to the ground floor ceiling. The customer was at this time living in a caravan next to their now flooded home.

Their insurance company promptly sent in their builders. However no time was taken to establish the true extent of the damage that had been caused by the flooding. As a result the initial advice and repairs that were carried out by the builders appointed by the insurance company was very poor. It was at which point the customer called The Right Claim and we became involved.

How we helped

The first action we took was to contact our customer’s insurance company on their behalf and insist on a building survey to establish the full extent of the damage. After negotiation the insurance company agreed to pay the costs of the building survey.

The result of the building survey was that the water had damaged the buildings foundations and the house creating potentially serious long term problems for the property. A tender was subsequently put out for the building work and our customer received in excess of £40,000 to have the house fully repaired.

The result

Our customer was also moved from the caravan they had been staying in to a comfortable property for the remainder of the repair work. Their claim was paid immediately and our customer was both relieved and delighted that their house was fully and completely restored to the state it previously had been.

Our customer’s neighbours in the same street were also badly affected by the flooding and received on average a settlement of only £20,000.