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Location: Stanford, Lincolnshire, England

Date: 3rd July 2007

The background

In 2007 a homeowner in Stanford was burgled leaving them feeling violated and upset by the experience. One of the challenges when making a claim with your insurance company after a burglary is that you no longer have the evidence of the items that have been stolen. The result is that your insurance company questions your integrity and honesty, which is exactly what happened when the homeowner called their insurance company.  

How we helped

On requesting our help we visited the couple and went through their inventory of what had been stolen. It quickly became apparent that there were a number of items missing. As you have no evidence of what has been stolen, that leaves you only your memory of the items you own, which for most people are either of sentimental value or used on a daily basis. By using old photographs we were able to help the couple work out what other items had been stolen that they had not thought of thereby producing a much more detailed and complete inventory for the insurance company.

The result

We were able to get the claim settled for the full amount and ensure the customer received the full value of their claim. While we can’t replace the past we can ensure you get all you are entitled to.