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Here are our top must do tips when your claiming on your home insurance for storm damage.

1.Find and check your policy to confirm what your insurance policy covers you for and more importantly any exceptions.

2. Contact The Right Claim to get advice about how you should proceed with your claim as well as how you can confirm the full extent of the damage, including any yet unseen damages.

3. Take photographs – take photographs of your property, the items and areas that have been damaged in as much detail as possible as these will provide the evidence you need when making a claim. They can also be a great reference tool when you come to itemising any items that were lost or damaged.

4. Film it – it might sound over the top but filming what damage has occurred will reinforce the photographic evidence and bring it to life. If possible if you can do a video walk through.

5. Keep in touch – don’t make a claim and then leave it. Phone your insurer to keep up to date with its progress, ask for a timeline and keep a record of the date when you called and who you spoke to.